ThermaSol SteamSuite Series
Steam showers have always been the must have amenity of the luxury bathroom. However, occasionally price points have kept many homeowners from incorporating a steam element into their shower even with their track record of promoting wellness, relaxation, rejuvenation and removing toxins from the body.

ThermaSol – the creator of the first steam bath unit – has announced the debut of their ThermaSol SteamSuite Basic Package and ThermaSol SteamSuite Plus Package: affordable steam shower systems that appeal to all homeowners.

ThermaSol SteamSuite Basic Package: Includes a deluxe steamhead, time and temperature control, and five year “no questions asked” warranty. The price range is $1,099 – $1,760, depending on the size of the shower. The steam generator can be plumbed 50 feet away from the shower enclosure and the system ensures constant steam at a constant rate.

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ThermaSol SteamSuite Basic Package

ThermaSol SteamSuite Plus Package: This package comes equipped with FastStart™ technology, a PowerFlush pressurized cleaning system, as well as a time and temperature control and a deluxe steamhead, one year in home warranty and a six year “no questions asked” warranty. The price range is from $1,399 to $2,060 depending on the size of the shower.

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SteamSuite Steam Showers  
ThermaSol SteamSuite Plus Package
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